According to the Finnish Local Government Act, each municipality must have a local government strategy in which the Council decides on the long-term objectives of the municipality’s operations and finances.

Kalajoki strategy – A five-star city

The Kalajoki group strategy has gone through the approval procedure of the City Council on 22 February 2022. In addition to the group strategy, the different divisions have programmes that guide their operations.

The focus areas of the Kalajoki group strategy

  • Promoter of investment in future
  • Supporter of smooth daily life and growth
  • Environment for high-quality life and housing
  • Forerunner of climate actions
  • A city of balanced finances

The local government strategy must be based on an estimate of the municipality’s current situation and the future changes in the operating environment and their impact on performing the local government’s duties. The local government strategy must also define its performance assessment and monitoring.

Factors considered in the local government strategy

  1. promoting the residents’ mental well-being
  2. organising and providing services
  3. service objectives determined in the legislation related to local government's duties
  4. ownership policies
  5. HR policies
  6. participation and influencing opportunities of the municipal residents
  7. developing the living environment and the regional vitality