Streets, outdoor areas and sewerage system

Municipal engineering services construct, maintain and commission the construction of streets, street lighting, wastewater networks and public areas.

Municipal engineering services comprise three service units:

  • construction
  • maintenance of the municipal infrastructure
  • sewerage system


Street and building plans are prepared for any new areas planned within the scope of the annually allocated funds, and renovation plans are prepared for any streets in need of renovation. In new residential areas, streets are at first built with a gravel surface and only paved after the area has been completed for the most part.

With regard to lighting, the long-standing principle has been to provide lighting in collector streets but not in residential streets. Cycle paths are also for the most part lighted while park paths are not. Outside of areas included in local detailed plans, lighting is mainly provided in road areas in village centres.

Maintenance of the municipal infrastructure

The lifespan of the structures can be extended significantly by anticipating maintenance activities, repairing holes in the pavement, removing shoulder build-up, opening drainage ditches and monitoring their condition in advance. A well-maintained and systematically built road network is important to comfortable living and safety.

Outdoor sports facilities

For our part, we provide a wide range of opportunities for comfortable and safe outdoor recreation, physical activity and leisure year-round.

In addition to green and outdoor recreation areas, we are also in charge of boating routes, marinas and public outdoor recreation areas. Green and outdoor recreation areas are part of the municipal engineering services provided by technical services.

Sewerage system

The city owns a wastewater collection network and a pumping station. It is in charge of collecting wastewater from consumers and conducting it to Vesikolmio Oy’s wastewater treatment plants in Kalajoki, Rautio and Himanka for treatment.

Sewer connection agreements are made with the City of Kalajoki.

It is important that the sewer connection agreement is signed before the connection work commences.

The municipal engineering foreman must be contacted well before a house’s sewer is connected to the trunk line. Together with a measurement team, the foreman will determine the connection point for the sewer and measure the connection height of the house’s sewer.

The city’s geographic information services determine the sewer connection point for the plot and provide the connection height.

The owner of the property is in charge of any sewerage plans inside the plot and the related costs.

The sewer connection is subject to a fee according to the current rate.

Osuuskunta Valkeavesi is in charge of connection agreements to the waterworks in the area of Kalajoki and Himanka as well as the services, invoicing and ledger of the waterworks.