Decision making

The highest authority in the City of Kalajoki is the City Council. The Kalajoki City Council has 35 members. The councillors and deputy councillors are chosen in municipal elections that are held every four years.

The council chooses the members and deputy members for the City Board as well as committees and management teams. The council also chooses auditors for auditing the city’s administration and finances on the auditing committee’s proposal.

City Council meetings

The council convenes once a month on Tuesdays. In July, the council only convenes when necessary. Meetings of the council are open to the public unless otherwise decided by the council. The meetings can be followed online.


Chair: Miika Heikkilä (Centre Party)
1. Vice Chair: Markus Forslund (SDP)
2. Vice Chair: Mauno Rahkola (Centre Party)
3. Vice Chair: Paavo Tiinanen (Centre Party)

Contact details can be found on the Finnish website.

The City Board is a nine-member organ chosen by the City Council that supervises the city’s administration and finances.

The City Board is in charge of preparing and executing the council’s decisions, preparing the city’s strategy, budget and financial plan, and steering and monitoring the City Group. The City Board makes all agreements and handles all other legal proceedings on behalf of the city unless otherwise stipulated.

The City Board must submit a financial statement to the council no later than June every year. The City Board must prepare the city’s draft budget for the following calendar year, and the council approves the draft by the end of the year.

The City Board appoints the Human Resources Section.


Chair: Eija Pahkala (Centre Party)
1. Vice Chair: Hanna Saari (National Coalition Party)

Contact details can be found on the Finnish website.